I want to focus my day on the health of my patients, not the health of my computers. I knew there had to be a better way to run my practice and manage my IT – so I count on Vivitec. They focus on my practice, so I can keep my focus right where it belongs.Learn More


As a law firm, we have volumes of sensitive information and documents. We take the protection of our clientele very seriously, so we use Vivitec. They proactively care for our cyber security issues, while maintaining peak performance of our systems.Learn More


I value a business that puts their money where their mouth is – after all, my clients count on me to protect and build their wealth. So, when I needed an IT firm to protect my data and help me build my practice through business intelligence, there was only one name I trusted – Vivitec.Learn More

Manufacturing / Distribution

Properly managing our logistics is why we continue to grow and have been successful. When Vivitec helpd me to understood how to effectively harness the data of my business to help me grow, not only was growth easier, I became a more effective leader because I made more effective decisions.Learn More


As a small medical practice, we must take the security and protection of our patients very seriously. I need to not only protect my patients, but also this practice, so I trust Vivitec with our Cyber Security needs. My patients come first, and to be honest, I never even think of my IT – just like I want it.Learn More


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Our team of experts looks forward to helping you discover the full potential of your Greater Cincinnati, North and Central Kentucky business by serving your cyber security, technology infrastructure and business intelligence needs. We are trusted guides for business leaders seeking comprehensive security solutions, effective technology plans, business technology service and profit impact from decision grade data analytics. All services are designed to help your business run at peak performance.